Old Guys Tour 2019 : Lou Cicconi and Joey Payne Team Up



Photo Courtesy of Joey Payne

Photo Courtesy of Joey Payne

By Joey Payne - Liquid Lou Cicconi and I grew up around the short tracks as kids, and over the years we moved right up the racing ladder together. We were each successful in whatever we drove; whether it was TQ’s, Midgets, Modifieds or Super Modifieds. .

I think back to the best race that we ever had together. It was the 2007 Gamblers Classic in Atlantic City. We ran hard but clean the whole race, and when we went across the line it was me winning over Liquid Lou side by side with John Blewett III in third.

A week later I won in Columbus Ohio in Liquids #59 Micro. That is the kind of relationship we have. I have driven Lou’s TQ’s, Midgets and Supermods from time to time.  Over the last few years I have bounced around the indoor circuit from team to team.

This season my usual indoor car, which i driven for three different teams, wasn’t available for me. I found myself without a ride. Enter Lou Cicconi and Jimmy Blewett.

I knew Louie had bought 2 new Lafler cars for this indoor season, so over the summer I asked him for a ride, but he told me that Jimmy Blewett had the ride in one car and that he was driving the other car himself.

Well, after a crazy summer for Jimmy who had a great season at Wall earning another championship. This season Jimmy also had a big crash at Thompson. He decided that he wasn’t going to race the indoor season this year. That's where I come in.  

I spend a lot of time with Jimmy at Wall and when he told me that he wasn’t doing any indoor racing I immediately called Louie and asked for the ride. It was known that if Jimmy decided to race that it was his car to race.

Last week I talked with Louie and Jimmy and they confirmed I had the ride.

Both cars will be painted in Louie’s house colors fluorescent yellow/ fluorescent red and both cars will be set up by Jimmy Blewett. Jimmy will serve as crew chief for both cars.

Lou and I are both looking to run good, we will be sharing information and compete for wins as a team.  

I’m really excited heading into this indoor season, getting to drive for Lou and work with Jimmy. The two brand new Mark Lafler built cars are badass as always. Lou’s cars are always sexy and well prepared and I feel that I will be fighting for a win in every race.

Photo Courtesy of Joey Payne

Photo Courtesy of Joey Payne

Of course my son Anthony always reminds me of his win at Albany last season and tells me im washed up , We will see punk!

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I’d like to thank Lou Cicconi for this opportunity to join him and his team. At this point in my career I am hungry to win and I want my kids to be proud of me.  

Photo Courtesy of Joey Payne

Photo Courtesy of Joey Payne