Weeks 10 & 11 With The Futures

 Week 10 -


Friday: I finished 2nd and I spun out a couple of times because i was going to high in the turns. I went fast like Cole Trickle. I had fun.

Braxton/Bailee: LV kart track rained out 


Unfortunately we only raced Friday night due to Mother Nature but Deegan did a really good job! We were all super excited he spun out for the first time, this is a huge step for Deegan. He has no fear!!

 Week 11:


Friday: P1

I liked driving my new kart it was a rocket and it felt good to win the first time I drove it.


The grove was good I just wish I won.


Friday: P1 - “Deegan; Friday - It was an awesome race, I got first place. I was so excited, I gave my dad a big hug I almost knocked him over.”

Sunday:  P2 - “Sunday; I got second place, I was watching out for the 100 it was his first race. I had to be careful passing him. I had a great kart and I have the best motor in the world.”


Sunday: p5 “My kart was fast but the best part was l  had  fun.”

Courtney: it was a great week all around. I was very happy to see both the boys win on Friday night at Dodge City Speedway. All three futures are improving each week and that is all we ask for! Bailee, keep digging girl because it is coming for you.



Ryan Hill