Week One With The ‘18 Futures

COURTNEY CREWS/4WIDE- This past weekend we voyaged to Oakland Valley last minute with Caroga Creek Speedway canceling. I knew I had to find a track for Braxton and Deegan because they both were really excited to race. I was mostly worried about finding a track so Deegan could get some seat time before points started at Caroga Creek this week because he has moved up out of the kid kart class this year. I am glad I did because both boys did really well, Braxton even took home a win!

This last minute decision truly showed me why I am doing this, the bond that has been created between these two boys is absolutely amazing, on and off the track. They did not leave each other’s sides all night long. I honestly think with them competing together this past weekend was a good thing because Deegan got the chance to follow Braxton’s line, which was helpful for him. It was Deegan’s first time at this track and his first time with a flathead so it really helped having Braxton out there with him because it being his first time on that track

It was also good for them to see me hit the track for the first time this season, especially after not thinking I was going to be able to because of an accident I got into over the winter. It showed all of us that you should never let your fear take over your passion. I am so proud of what I have created and I truly think we are going to have a great season all together. I can’t wait for Bailee to join us!


“Oakland Valley was a good track and it was smoother then the last time there”

“It felt good to be back in my kart and back on the track again”


"that track was really huge"

"the back of my kart was sliding so I couldn't go too fast"

Up Next: As of right now, myself, Braxton, and Deegan are all heading to Caroga Creek for points race one. I will be competing in stock lite for points this year at Caroga Creek. Deegan will be competing in jr one rookie for points. Braxton will be competing in jr one for points.

Ryan Hill