Race For A Cause Set For 8th Annual Event


RYAN HILL / RACE FOR A CAUSE THOMPSONTOWN, PA - Sunday September 17th will be the 8th annual running of the Race For A Cause karting event which will be held at Greenwood Raceway in Thompsontown, PA.  Every year the event is held to raise money and support for local families dealing with the financial burdens of having a child or adult with a life threatening illness, and this year the racing will be held to fundraise for 4 year old Sophie Wheatley from Millerstown, PA. 

Sophie Faye Wheatley is a bright eyed, quirky girl who enjoys ballet, playing with her sisters and friends, and reading books that take her on adventures her illness prohibits her from doing herself. 

Sophie has a life threatening disease Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD), as well as a growing list of food and environmental allergies and Raynaud’s Syndrome which is an allergy to the cold. 


If you have never ran your kart at Greenwood Raceway (Lil G) you need to.  The Lil G bullring has grip and speed you have not experienced elsewhere, track promoter Ken Chubb encourages all drivers that plan to run the even to pack their sissy straps... you will need them.  

Racing will be held September 17th with a rain date of September 24th.   The Race For A Cause event will be an enforced Burris 33 tire rule for the left and right rears as well as the right front, left front compound is at the driver’s discretion for all Pro, Semi-Pro and Series Racer classes.  The only exceptions will be that all Champ Kart classes will be able to run Burris 55’s, and local racers can run 11, 22 or 33’s, no 55’s will be permitted for local racers.

There will be a scoring system in place to allow for some classes to qualify through heat races, and some through time trials; however, every driver will pill draw in the event there is an issue with the scoring system. 

The top 14 for all classes will move on to their respective “A Main’s” , but common sense will be applied if there are only 15 or 16 racers in the class, a Consi will not be run. 

Due to the fact that this event is a fundraiser there will be an auction where one driver will have the opportunity buy their way into the PRO classes and highest paying SEMI-PRO classes.  There will also be a “B Main” with payouts for anybody who did not qualify through their “A Main”. 

Track run in will be a part of open practice.  There will be 90 minutes of open practice with a separation between adult and junior drivers, flat and cage karts.  Open Practice will be followed by 1 round of controlled practice with your class, then qualifying, consi’s if needed, then the A and B mains.

The main event for the day will be the Sr Clone 370ln invitational with a $2017 purse with $1017 TO WIN.  The class has a $75 entry fee.  All class payouts are listed on the Race For A Cause Facebook page @race4acause.

Race For A Cause is still active in bringing in new sponsors for the event, for sponsorship information and any and all questions regarding the event such as what class you qualify to run, payouts, rules and general racing information contact Ken Chubb (717-712-3437).

If your class is not listed that is not a problem, simply bring a small group and they will gladly add you to the exciting program of racing. 

Ken calls out all NY racers, as there is already a strong contingent of PA racers committed to the event. “We need you to attend, so we can all help this little girl and her family, plus you will love the racing at Lil G.”

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Ryan Hill