Dan Creeden Goes Back To Back As Thunder Mountain Champion


Photo : Smokers Choice Racing  

Photo : Smokers Choice Racing  


RYAN HILL/ DAN CREEDEN RACING – WURTSBORO NY- When Thunder Mountain Speedway crowned their 2017 Modified Champion on Saturday a familiar face was ready to be anointed track champion.  2016 Thunder Mountain Speedway Modified Champion Dan Creeden had this season’s championship locked up before the Smoker’s Choice 16X machine hit the track Saturday.

This is Creeden’s first back to back Modified Championship, but not the first time he has gone back to back as champion, as he was the RoC Sportsman Tour champ in ’06 and ’07. 

For Dan and the 16X team the sense of accomplishment in a long season of hard work is what stands out the most as the ’17 season comes to a close.

“It feels great anytime a full season’s work results in a championship.” Creeden adds “We have had worse luck this year than in years past, so we had to work harder, plus the guys up there (Thunder Mountain Speedway) got a lot better this year. 

Retaining the champion title this year is a feat Dan is proud of, but Creeden credits hard work, consistency and feels his success at Thunder Mountain drives the team’s other successes when the 16X races elsewhere. 

“It is nice to know that we have a consistent program.  Being prepared every week makes it easier; I just love racing there so that helps us too. We usually know what we are going to do before we unload, so that way if the track throws us a curveball it is easy for us to adjust to the change in the track.”

Creeden acknowledges his success the past two seasons at Thunder Mountain, but realizes there is always room to improve.

“Some nights we weren’t good enough to win and I am competitive and I want to win every night, so we just keep working and looking to improve.  We always want feature wins and didn’t get as many as we hoped for, but to win the total deal is just as rewarding.”

Dan would like to extend his thanks to all the sponsors that make racing possible and to the many people that lend a hand at the track such as his crew and wife Tania, of course his crew chief Sadie, Dennis Dietrich, Jimmy Sheehan, Jessie Tuthill, Tom “Brownie” Brown, Brett “Peanut Butter” Hamilton, Roger Humeston, Chad Loiodice, Charles Loiodice.

Next up for Dan Creeden Racing is the King of the Catskills event at Accord Speedway Friday, September 15th.

Dan Creeden Racing can be found on Facebook as Dan Creeden Racing, and on Instagram as @dancreeden16x. 


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