N8 Motorsports : Father and Son Racing

Ryan Hill / N8 Motorsports North Adams, MA- Nate Haley is the driver of the family owned N8 Slack Xpect Kart, and for this season he will have a teammate.. Dad. 

At Kart tracks across the country there are  parents and their kids sharing the racing expirence , but many parents choose to cheer from the sidelines, but Todd Haley chose to step into the racing to help his son with his racing endeavours. 

" It will be nice to expireince racing in a different way, racing with my buddy" Todd said. "I have worked on race cars for about twenty years as a crew member for drivers such as Bobby Chalmers, the Humes family, KC Goewy, Jeff Watson, and Rob Maxon, but for the first time I will be able to try my hand behind the wheel."

Todd will be piloting the family's 8T , while son Nate will be behind the wheel of the N8.  Nate is an accomplished hockey player, as well as playing soccer, lacrosse, and boxing.  Nate has grown up around racing, and has always enjoyed the time spent with family and friends at the track.  Nate loves the adrenaline rush of racing, and appreciates spending time with people that share the same passions as he does, 

Nate is excited to have his father as a teamate for the 2017 season. Nate said that " it will be very nice to have a teamate to talk about track conditions, and to help me with driving." 

The N8 team's goals are simple : they hope to find victory lane, but first and foremost they hope to have fun racing together.  Nate and Todd both hope to gain more racing expirience, as father and son, but now as teamates. 

The N8 Motorpsorts team is in a special situation for the 2017 season, for a father to take on the work of a second kart with the main goal of helping his son is admirable to say the least.

Nate and his teamate Dad , will hit the track for the first time at Turkey Trot Raceway this Saturday April 29th. 

N8 Motorsports would like to thank Herrick Mechanical, and  welcomes all interested marketing partners. Anyone interested can follow along on their N8 Motorsports Facebook page, as well as emailing for marketing oppurtunities. 

Look for the N8 team to be active at local NY dirt kart tracks such as Turkey Trot Raceway, Lebanon Valley Kart Speedway, and Dodge City Speedway. 



Ryan Hill