BMS#2 : Solid Day For Connor Hill

STORY BY : BLUE CORD MEDIA / CP RACING SELINSGROVE, PA - Connor Hill towed down to Selinsgrove Speedway for The Burris Money Series event # 2 Sunday.  The sun was out, and the hopes were cautiously high for the 98H team.  

BMS Race # 1 was a mixed bag for Connor and his team.  The kart was fast and set up wise they were headed in the direction they have been working very hard to get to.  In the feature a mechanical gremlin struck, and the team knew they were on to a good set up, but hoped that for Sunday's event they could put all the pieces together for success. 

" I was confident the set up was good, I was focused on driving the kart well.  In practice we were a little off, but we expected that.  In qualifying the kart was fast and handled well" Connor said. 

The kart was fast.  Connor qualified the 98H 4th for the feature, his best qualifying effort yet at Selinsgrove, a great track, but the track that has given the team the most trouble. 

Connor started the feature on the outside, an often precarious place to be in any form of racing.  Once the green flag waved Connor found himself too high on the track and a victim to  karts seizing the opportunity to hold the inside line.  

"I got pushed up avoiding a wreck the first time sending me back to 6th.  I think there was a caution and a few laps later I was again hung out on the outside and ended up in 11th." 

Finding himself in 11th Connor was in the never envious position of hoping for a caution, or fighting his way back to where he started the race. 

Connor was able to climb back through the field. 

"There was drivers in front of me getting together and I was able to pass three karts on the inside, that was good for us.  I was able to make some more passes , the final pass was on the last lap, the driver was high and I got by him low as we were crossing the line." 

It was a very good day for the 98H team, as their confidence in the set up and tire choices were confirmed by how the feature race played out.  A lot of hard work went in to getting to the point that they are with the chassis for the family operated team.  With the help of partners and friends the team is excited for the upcoming BMS Spring National Race at Red Rock Raceway.  

"I am excited for the next few races, they are tracks with different types of racing.  They are more of a driver's track and less momentum, and I like that a lot" Connor adds he would like to thank Ken, Quentin, Matt Chavis and all the sponsors and partners that believe in me." 

Connor will be back in action Saturday May 6th at Red Rock Raceway in Pavia, PA for the Burris Money Series Spring National Event.  

To stay up to date with Connor and all his racing endeavors, follow his Connor Hill 98H racing page on Facebook. 

Connor's Marketing Partners are : Marshall Oil Co , Interstate Batteries ,Mountain Up, Jack's Auto Service, Phil's Auto Repair , Vaz-Co , Eckert Construction, Elmir's Lawn Maintenance and Excavation, Chavis Motorsports, Jesse J Racing, Kolby Schroder Racing, Williams Lumber , Joe, Dan and Tyler Senner, BC Designs, Blue Cord Media, Atomic Sign Works and Stiffie Clutches.