4WIDE/ OLDEN DWYER - As we enter the long stretch of winter we decided to check in with 4WIDE Driver/Partner Olden Dwyer to talk about 2017 and see what Olden Dwyer Racing has in store for the upcoming season. 



“Basically, for the ’18 season we are planning to run a Big Block Modified at Lebanon Valley Speedway.  We have a brand new Hig Fab chassis put together.  Jerry Higbie is an unbelievable guy to work with.  The cars he builds are awesome, I love how they handle, they have good drive off and all are all around fast and quality race cars which gives us confidence heading into next season.  Besides The Valley our long term end of the year plans is to race the Eastern States 200 at Orange County Fair Speedway. “



ON 2017:

“Winning a Small Block Modified race this year was the highlight for us, being in victory lane was a huge positive for us.  I think the biggest thing we need to learn from 2017 is to be more mentally and physically prepared for our race season, but the fact that we were able to run our small and big block cars for a portion of the year is a huge accomplishment for us.  We had our struggles and some bad luck towards the end of the season, but I am very much looking forward to the new car and a new year.  As a whole, we are all looking forward to a new and successful 2018 season.




“Anytime I go anywhere with Andy as a crew member or a driver I learn more and more each time.  I take two trips with him, The Short Track Super Series Supernationals and Eastern States Weekend.  I learn as much there as I do in a season of racing.  Andy is an unbelievable mentor and has helped me with more than I can thank him for.  It is awesome to be a part of a team that always has a shot at winning.”



“I would like to thank my Dad and both of my grandfathers for helping me financially build this new car.  I would also like to thank all my guys for sticking with me through good and bad times.  We are all very excited for the upcoming season and having a new approach.”



Visit to stay up to date with the 88 team over the off season, and to learn more about the team's fundraiser that  Lexi Colpack , an artist and Olden's girlfiend Brooke's cousin, came up with.


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