Courtney Crews Officially Launches Youth Driver Development Program We Are The Future

The reason we race isn’t so much to beat each other but to be with each other.
— Christopher McDougall

COURTNEY CREWS/4WIDE- I have thought about starting a driver development racing group for about a year now.  I was inspired by McKenna Haase who had developed one in Iowa.  Although the idea sparked from her group the one that I have started is a lot different.  I am currently a college student studying to become a teacher, I am also a racer, and I love kids so I figured why not combine it together into creating We Are The Future. 


We are going to get the group rolling with the 3 little Futures that I have selected for 2018. The three drivers are Braxton Martin, Bailee Hoefer and Deegan Nichols.  I am looking forward to a successful first year, and hopefully each Future will be able to get a win.  I really want to incorporate school, racing, and community service right off the bat because I strongly believe that school comes before everything.  Racing is just a part of the Future’s lives, being a part of their community is important, while also being very rewarding for them to volunteer and give back to their communities that support them. 

In the future I would like to expand to 6-10 Futures, while adding 1-2 mentors to the program.  It will take time to decide how and when the program is extended as I am only 1 person, but I do know the program will continue to be for young racers between the ages of 5-9 years old.  I hope one day that the original three Futures will continue to be a part of this group and maybe someday become mentors. 

I think it is very important for kids to understand that it is ok to lose.  Often times a driver feels like they have let their parent, sponsor, etc down when they do not perform well.  I tell the kids that it’s ok, you should always want to win, but winning is not everything. 

It is very important for kids to understand is that it is ok to be friends with your competitors.  It is important for them to make the distinction that they shouldn’t let somebody win because they are friends, racing friendships are very important.


I look at my racing friends as a second family, and I hope my Futures do as well.  I have gained many friends through the sport of racing, more than throughout all of my years of school.  Growing up I would always rather hang out with my racing family, so much so that I skipped my senior prom to go racing in PA.  Of course school friends are important, but I try to show the Futures that they should also have a racing family, as racing families will be the ones that matter the most in the end. 

Throughout my career I have had many mentors such as Sammi Zucco, Anthony Ely, Mike Allery, Bryce Breault and Ryan Edwards.  I am thankful for the impact they each had, and continue to have on me.  While some of them are no longer in the sport, Sammi Zucco had a very important impact on me.  It was important for me to have a female mentor while competing in a male dominated sport.  That is why I have chosen a young female driver to be a part of our group.  I feel it is important for her to know that she can do it and that she is not any different than her male peers. 


I have found that the hardest aspect of being mentored is that once you begin to compete at their level the relationship changes, as they do not want you to beat them, and that is something I want to change in our sport.  I look forward to mentoring these 3 kids until the day they decide they do not want to race anymore.


2018 will be the first official season of the development group, and our goal is to spread the word about what we are doing.  I am looking forward to travelling to the different tracks to mentor my current 3 Futures, while keeping an eye out for new Futures.  I hope to have the ability to expand next season, but my priority is to show people how much I can make an impact on the three little Futures I have now.  It will be a busy season with Braxton and Deegan racing at Caroga Creek Speedway weekly, and Bailee and Braxton running Lebanon Valley Kart Speedway weekly.

I am very excited to see where this development team goes. 

For More Info on the program and to follow the '18 Futures like the program's Facebook page: 



Age: 19
> Birthday: February 16, 1998
> Hometown: Adams, MA
> Class: Stock lite, Clone Lite, or Wing Champ - depending on the weekend
> Home Track: Caroga Creek Speedway
> Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken Dip
> Favorite thing to do outside of the race track: Study for school, spend time with my family
> Role Model: My dad and McKenna Haase

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