RYAN HILL / BLUE CORD PR - October was a busy month for Allison Ricci on and off the track. Eastern States Weekend is always the paramount event for Allison as her family has always raced and enjoyed success at the annual event in October, but her off track activities overshadowed her on track successes in October. 


Allison used her exposure as an up and coming driver in the northeast and her passion for raising awareness and funds for the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation to raise over $7,200 for the charity that provides funding to non-profit organizations for support services and outreach for people affected by breast cancer in the Hudson Valley, New York.


Ricci also raised awareness of her driving talent on the track at this years Eastern States Weekend at Orange County Fair Speedway. 


Racing started for Ricci Thursday at the Short Track Super Series ‘Hard Clay Finale’ where she was finished 11th after having her motor expire with 2 laps to go. 


Allison feels the week went well for her, but the highlight was finsihing the Small Block Feature in the top 10, where she time trialed 16th out of the 60 cars attempting to qualify for the event.


“ Finishing 9th Place in the Small Block Race was a huge accomplishment for me, we made the whole race on one set of tires, and we improved from last year’s 12th place finish.” 


Acknowledging the positives Allison also strives to be better and draws from what she feels she needs to do to grow as a driver.


“Patience is key in these long races, the Small Block car was running really well, but we need to work on finishing in the top 5 next year, and maybe have a better game plan for the race.  Thank you to Halmar International for giving me this great opportunity to be a part of this amazing team, also thank you to my mom and dad, my grandpa and grandmothers, my boyfriend Robert.  Thank you to Jeff Tubbs, Dean and my Uncle Tim for all their help.” 

Allison was also voted the most popular driver on The King Of Dirt Racig Series, as well as the Most Popular Small Block Modified Driver at Orange County Fair Speedway. 


There is one race left for Allison in 2017, and that will be at the bullring in the Catskills Accord Speedway on Saturday November 25th for their annual Gobbler event.